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Meetings Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE)

We specialize in Corporate Residential Meetings/Conferences, Corporate Day Meetings/Conferences, Corporate Annual Day Celebrations. Enhance Corporate Award Ceremonies, Corporate Incentive Programmes, Dealers Meet, Sales Representatives Trainings, Distributors Meet, Production Workers Trainings, Support Staff Incentives Programs and many more. We specialize in all above mentioned events on both domestic and international front.

Annual Meetings

Meetings is gathering of individuals or members of one or several organizations, for discussing matters of common interest bringing people together at one place for the purposes of sharing information and discussing and solving problems, setting targets for future and also helps enhancing confidence and motivation to people participating. Meeting attendance can vary from small groups of people starting from ten to bigger groups to thousands of people. During a meeting, there will usually be food and beverage served.

Incentive Trips

Incentive Trips / Incentive Tours / Incentive Travel are the reward given by corporate management to motivate Dealers, Distributors, Sales representatives, production workers and support staff. Rewarding sales representatives achieving sales targets within the frame time allotted to them by rewarding them with trips & tours both on domestic & international destinations including Air tickets/rail tickets, hotel stays, with planned activities & sightseeing such as Gala dinners, team building activities, Relaxation packages, Cultural experience, Fitness activities and enjoyment of the employees that van be can be secured, as well as company values can be reinforced.


Similar to meetings, conventions are large gatherings & events lasting for several days, people with common objectives, organizing a social programme to exchange ideas, views and information of common interest to the large group. A big organization and associations normally organize a convention once a year related to the organization’s topic or area of work. People who are interested to enhance new technologies & interested for more education in the field register for the convention by paying the concerned association or organization a fee for all the sessions, discussions, meetings , meeting trade exhibitors & gatherings , attending exhibition, aiming information sharing, pure networking during the convention and also enjoying food & beverage, Gala dinners during the event. Conventions generate income for associations & organizations and need lot of hard work to conduct the same with perfections